Every place in the world is well known for its typical food and characteristic taste. We have taken a cue from it and cherry-picked the best dishes of distinct savors and flavors. Our World Buffet have the choicest assortment of finest international cuisines under one roof to satiate the cravings of everyone in a family and different genres. They are cooked to perfection by our best chefs in the trade. You can choose from our wide range of exclusive cuisines like Indian, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Mexican. Jimmy buffet restaurants in the United Kingdom have specially designed some delicious dishes for the food cravings of the tiny tots named kids special. Your kids would just love it fully. We have the best desserts of the world for our sweet toothed food lovers. We have the best variety of salads to accompany your food.

Every cuisine has its own authentic taste and we have specialized chefs catering to your various and specific requirements .At our buffet you will relish the exquisite recipes and savors of the distinct international variety of cuisines like Indian, Chinese, Italian, Japanese and Mexican as if you actually eating them in India, China, Italy Japan and Mexico(their native place). You will love its original flavor really.

We prepare fresh food from the finest raw materials that is largely the local produce , of high standards thus contributing to and supporting the local producing units.

Everyone has got a different taste,style and liking for food, we fully take it into our consideration and serve all and sundry in accordance with their distinct tastes and food requirements. We have a very unique and special concept called “live food” where fresh and salutary food is prepared just in front of your eyes according to your own taste bud and characteristic style. Thus you can pick your own style and taste of your choice and our highly specialized chefs would cater you fully for your complete satisfaction. We cater all the special dietary requirements of all the varieties of food lovers like vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, nuts free in a perfect manner. We request you to place your order in advance and reserve yourself and our chefs would leave no stone unturned to cater to all your food requirements in a perfect manner.

Freshest ingredients cooked right in front of you