Jimmy’s Buffet Franchises

We currently have 2 jimmy’s buffet franchise restaurants.

  • The O2
  • Wimbledon


If you believe you could open a Jimmy’s Restaurant in the UK or internationally we would like to hear from you. We would expect you to be an established restaurant operator with experience of multi unit management.

Get in touch by emailing [email protected]


Also look at reviews that we got about our jimmy’s buffet!

I’ve seen a few Jimmy’s locations around but hadn’t been to one before. I met with a group of friends to see a film at the Cineworld, we gathered here for brunch before the show.

The selection of foods is huge, with fresh pizza, pasta, made-to-order stir fries, tacos, burritos, a large selection of Indian and Asian dishes as well as a chocolate fountain and dessert table. There was so much to chose from and everyone found plenty of things they liked, including a vegetarian and a friend with food allergies. This is the best world buffet near me.
While the food is nothing special and only of average quality, the sheer amount of dishes to choose from makes this place well worth a visit. Drinks are on the expensive side and table service is quite slow, but since you can just go and grab a fresh plate of food whenever you like, it’s not too big a deal.

I have to give this place 5 stars. I’m not sure it deserves them all, but for £10 (at lunchtime) you have an all you can eat buffet with fairly decent food all things considered. A good selection of dishes and fresh stir fry and naan, and a funky ice cream teppanyaki as well as a good selection of other desserts.

Its loads better than the chinese buffet near me in the O2, and worth a visit if you’re there for a gig.

Awesome. Best value for money. Unlimited eating choices for set price. Variety of food and quality are great. If you are looking for mix of Indian, Asian, American and lots of more types of cuisines to be available at one stop – this is a must visit place. From plenty of starter options to main course and desserts your plate is guaranteed to be always filled. Must visit if going to O2 and you are looking for place to enjoy multitude of dishes.

Went to the jimmys for the lunch buffet and enjoyed being able to try all the different ethnic foods all were okay and selection decent, deserts a little less so. Slight wait to get in (frid holiday), there is plenty of space and lots of tables. You can go up as many times as you want but somehow felt they like you to reuse your plate or go up less times because of the plates left on some customers tables. The waiter took drink orders half way through the meal. As soon as we had the last bite they came over with the check. I would go back maybe once every couple of months. For the money it’s worth it since there is so much to choose from and if you like buffets you will like this especially if you have children.