3 Books to Read Before You Leave College


Comprehensive reading is essential to everyone. Those who read widely tend to expand their understanding of various aspects of life. Most students think their reading should be limited to academics. You need to learn things from other fields to guide the decisions that you make in school and afterward. Instead of spending the whole weekend with friends, set some time to read a few chapters. You will gain the knowledge you would not have acquired in academic books. The following are books you should not leave college without reading:

  • Self-Esteem Books

These are book that helps you boost your confidence. Some give a step-by-step guide on how to improve your esteem. Others provide scenarios in which you need to have your confidence at a high level. Some also deal with self-discovery. To help you make an informed decision on which one to read, check the following explanations:

  • Guides on how to improve self-confidence – While there is no procedure of developing self-esteem, these books give you practical guides that have worked for the authors or the people around them. The guide can include something like how you dress to feel comfortable, how you deal with rejections, and other situations that may demean your confidence.
  • Scenarios – These books may be interesting for you if you love to read novels. They give a story about someone who has no confidence and how they dealt with the situation to gain back their confidence.
  • One of the main causes of low self-esteem is lack of self-discovery. These books help you define your purpose and identify what you want in life. The authors believe that those who have full self-discovery have the highest level of self-esteem.
  • Academic Books

Academic books guide you through how to answer questions in exams and how to write essays. These books include research books, documentaries, practical book, and others. To know more about academic books, check the following:

  • Research writing and dissertation books- research and dissertation books entails all the information you need to write your research and dissertation papers. To most students, these books seem voluminous to read. If you experience the same, you can check online resources. Better still, I would consult experts who helped to write my dissertation This will not be challenging.
  • Documentaries- these are a wide range of videos displaying factual events of a particular subject. If you are a historical or science student, this is a good fit for you. They enable you to understand your subjects better and faster.
  • Practical and experimental books- explain how to do experiments and expected results.
  • Financial Books 

These books help you develop the right financial perspective. Some teach you how to avoid and deal with debt, while others guide you through the journey of investment. All these are essential for you during your stay at college and life after college. Check the following to understand these books better:

  • Debt management books – These are books that help you stay away from debts and show you how to get out of it. If in case you plan to run a business after school, these books are crucial for you tom read. They are also applicable in managing your finance.
  • Investment books – Investment books take you through your investment journey, risks involved in investing in something, and the ways in which to regain your financial loss after a wrong investment decision. Most of these books emphasize the need to invest in assets rather than liabilities. As a student, read these books so that you do not make uninformed decisions in the future.


It is significant to develop a reading habit. It helps you broaden your knowledge in all aspects. If you do not know which books to start reading, the above will guide your decision.